Department of Police Accountability Divisions

Find out what our divisions do to improve policing in the City.

Each of our divisions plays a key role in police oversight. 


Our division conducts performance audits and reviews of whether the San Francisco Police Department's (SFPD) personnel and management have complied with federal and state law, City ordinances and policies, and Police Department policies. DPA’s director has the discretion to determine the frequency, topics, and scope of these audits and reviews.


Our division investigates all allegations of misconduct against SFPD officers.


Our goal is to help improve the relationship between the community and the SFPD. We foster conversations where the parties are free to present their perspective on an interaction that has resulted in a complaint. 


Our division uses a community-based approach to help the public understand police oversight. We work with San Franciscan leaders, advocates, and organizations to educate our community about DPA and its services. 


Our division makes policy recommendations to the SFPD and the Police Commission to help align SFPD policies with the law, best practices, and community values.

Public Records

Our division produces Public Record Senate Bill 1421 Requests.

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