Part of Reopening

Reopening guidance for places of worship

Documents for churches, synagogues, mosques, and other faith-based organizations to reopen.

General requirements

Keep holding remote services for older adults or people with chronic conditions. They are more at risk of serious complications if they get COVID-19.

Encourage all worshippers to choose 1 service to attend per week, at most. More gatherings means more risk to all worshippers. Religious services include funerals and wedding ceremonies. They do not include more casual gatherings like receptions, wakes, or remembrances.

You should only hold 1 service at a time per space. Do not have attendees move to another space during the service.

Singing, chanting, and playing wind or brass instruments are allowed if people are wearing face coverings and are 12 feet apart.

Everyone must wear face coverings while attending a religious service

If someone must remove their face covering for a ceremony, they must keep their mouth closed and be 6 feet away from others. 

Outdoor services are safer than indoor services

Everyone must stay 6 feet apart and wear face coverings. 

Indoors services can be up to 50% capacity

Implement at least one ventilation method. You can hold multiple services at the same time, if you keep each group completely separated at all times.

Screen everyone for COVID-19 symptoms before they enter. Send people home if they feel sick.


Required forms

Action required: Complete and post a Health and Safety Plan from this fillable PDF, before you reopen indoor religious services.

Action required for facilities that regularly hold outdoor gatherings: Complete and post a Health and Safety Plan from this fillable PDF.

Action required: Complete and post this Social Distancing Protocol. See this protocol in  社交距離 | الإبعاد الاجتماعي | Pilipino | Español | Русский Cách Ly Xã Hội

Required posters

Action required: This poster provides tips for staying safe in break rooms at work. It is in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Filipino. It is 11x17. Also available in 8.5x11.

Action required: This poster gives tips on ventilation during COVID-19 and Air Quality incidents.

Action required: All businesses open to the public for indoor services must complete and post this ventilation checklist. It is in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Filipino.

Poster with message encouraging SF residents to get vaccinated for COVID-19. All SF businesses are required to post this in employee breakrooms. In English, Spanish, Chinese, and Filipino. You can also download this poster in 11x17 size.

Action required: The Health Order requires that facilities post certain signage for their patrons during the coronavirus pandemic. This poster meets of all the signage requirements for indoor worship. It is in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Filipino.

Action required: The Health Order requires that businesses post certain signage during the coronavirus pandemic. This poster meets the requirement for communicating indoor risk, for all businesses doing indoor operations.


Summary of tips and frequently asked questions about how to participate in gatherings during the COVID-19 pandemic, when they are allowed again.


See this Guidance in [Chinese]  [Spanish]  [Tagalog]  [Vietnamese]  [Russian]

Guidance about ventilation from the Department of Public Health, for businesses, offices, schools, faith-based and similar organizations.

Other languages: [Chinese]  [Spanish]  [Tagalog]

Orders and directives

The Shelter-in-Place Order that states what activities are allowed and prohibited during the COVID-19 emergency.

Health directive about best practices for indoor worship.