Our vision

Our vision is to become a responsive, transparent digital city with easy to use and accessible services for every resident, visitor, business, and employee.

What we do

Convene leadership

We host regular public meetings as a vehicle of transparency into our operations. We encourage you to join our conversation as we make important decisions related to government technology. Attend our public meetings. 

Develop strategy

We develop the San Francisco's five-year strategic technology plan. We encourage you to read about our current and upcoming strategic initiatives and technology projects. Read more about the ICT Plan.

Make smart Investments

We review and approve all new technology projects above $100,000. The City plans to engage in 152 new technology projects worth $386 million over the next few years. Read more about our investments. 

Create policy

Our policies intend to guide the adoption and use of technology. Governing policies are used to support strategic goals like cybersecurity and disaster preparedness. Read more about each policy. 

Our committees

Committee on Information Technology

COIT is the main governance body that makes decisions regarding the future of the San Francisco’s technology. The Committee is composed of 13 department heads that represent each of the major service areas. See our committee members. 

  • Budget and Performance Subcommittee 

       This subcommittee is staffed by technical, financial, and administrative representatives from City departments. The primary focus of the subcommittee is to support the planning, budgeting, and performance oversight on City technology. See our subcommittee members. 

  • Privacy and Surveillance Advisory Board

        The Privacy and Surveillance Advisory Board reviews and provides recommendations to COIT in regards to department surveillance technology. 

Our staff

Matthias Jaime




Emma Fernandez

Policy Analyst



Julia Chrusciel

Privacy Analyst



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