OTI Training for City and County Employees

We offer trainings to help employees develop transgender inclusive workplaces, create affirming services, and build knowledge on transgender and non-binary communities.

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Transgender 101: Strengthen your Commitment to Inclusion

Prepare for training

If you have a live online training with us coming up, get ready for our time together by reviewing the preliminary assignments.

Blue, pink, and white strips of the trans pride flag with justice scales overlaid.


For professionals working with transgender and non-binary clients, check out these resources to help further your learning. 

Pau Crego and Shane Zaldivar

Our facilitators

Pau Crego [he/him/his]
Executive Director

Shane Zaldivar [she/her/hers]
Manager of Training and Education

About our trainings

We offer live online training sessions to City and County employees, teams and Departments. Our trainings cover in-depth perspectives on working with transgender and non-binary communities. During our time together, we facilitate conversations about how gender affects us individually, practice skills relevant to your team’s unique needs, and learn how to build more welcoming and affirming environments for transgender and non-binary people.

New online module

Learn key concepts and skills to improve transgender inclusion in your workplace. This training is available to City and County Employees through SF Learning in the Employee Portal.