Offer Paid Parental Leave benefits to your employees

Follow the steps to address leave requests and calculate benefit amount.

What to do

If you’re an employer with more than 20 employees (across all locations), you must offer paid parental leave. 

To be eligible for paid parental leave, employees need to be getting family leave benefits from the state. They also need to meet other Paid Parental Leave requirements.

1. Share information with your employees

To keep your workers updated about their parental leave rights, you must:

  • Hang this required paid parental leave poster at each workplace or job site. Print your posters on 8.5' X 14' paper.
  • Include information about SF Paid Parental Leave Ordinance in your employee handbook 

2. Give your employees the form

If your employee asks about parental leave or notify you that they are expecting a newborn, adopted, or foster child, give them this form.

If your company has vacation or PTO policies, review those with the employee now.

The form is also available in Chinese and Spanish. 

3. Determine employee's eligibility

Your employee is eligible if they:

  1. Started work for you at least 180 days before the leave
  2. Work for at least 8 hours and 40% of their total week hours in San Francisco
  3. Have applied for and are eligible for EDD Paid Family Leave

Learn more about how it works.

If you need help deciding, contact us: or call 415-554-4190.

Remember to maintain records and that retaliation is prohibited under the ordinance.

4. Review documents

Your employee must give you:

  • Their completed and signed Paid Parental Leave Form
  • Their "Notice of Computation" from EDD

They’ll get "Notice of Computation" from the state. It explains the paid family leave benefits they are currently getting.

Review the documents. If they are eligible, go to the next step.

If they are not eligible, explain why they do not qualify for parental leave benefits. Refer them to us if they have questions.

    5. Calculate and pay

    The calculation depends on two things:

    • How many jobs the employee has
    • If they get tips

    To calculate benefit, download the Excel calculator or follow the instructions in the relevant documents:

    Get help

    Contact us with any questions or problems.


    Last updated November 4, 2022