Director’s Report to the Mayor’s Disability Council (MDC) March 17, 2023

Nicole Bohn, Director Mayor’s Office on Disability
March 17, 2023
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Today’s Director’s Report to the Mayor’s Disability Council (MDC) provides a snapshot of some of the core issues that the Mayor’s Office on Disability (MOD) has been engaged with since the most recent public hearing of the MDC. The Council is encouraged to follow up on any of the items presented today. Along with this, items for future agenda consideration are provided.

MOD’s 2021-2022 Public Report to the Mayor’s Disability Council highlights MOD’s accomplishments, as well as ongoing challenges. In addition, it offers potential Mayor’s Disability Council agenda items for 2022-2023. The Council is encouraged to continue to reference this document.

Members of the public wishing to engage with aspects of this report may contact MOD at or by calling 415 554-6789. You may join our distribution list by contacting us and asking to be added. MOD’s website has migrated to This full report will be posted to following today’s meeting.

Today marks our first in person meeting since February 2020, and our first ever hybrid meeting of both in person and virtual attendees. Thanks for your patience as we work out any kinks that may arise, and as always, MOD welcomes your feedback on how we might improve the public meeting experience.

Legislative updates, March 2023:. Some of the current legislative issues impacting people with disabilities are as follows:

Local Legislation and Resolutions:

221008 Limiting Teleconferencing and Remote Public Comment at Meetings of the Board of Supervisors and its Committees (Mandelman/Dorsey)

Status: Although the Mandelman legislation did not pass, Supervisor Dorsey introduced an amendment that maintained hybrid meetings and remote public comment. This amended legislation passed, to be reviewed again by April 15, 2023.

  • Concurrently, the Office of the City Administrator issued guidance that will be discussed as one of the agenda items today. This is guidance only (not currently mandated).
  • The MDC may consider taking follow-up action based on public feedback from this item.

Shared Spaces: Referral 211301: Limits on Fines for Shared Spaces Violations (Peskin et al): Status: Passed

  • This legislation limits issuance of fines for violations on some businesses utilizing outdoor dining, while maintaining the ability to fine for physical access for persons with disabilities, and first responder access.
  • The permanent program application deadline was extended to March 31, 2023. There are legislative amendments to the provisions of the program currently in front of Land Use and Transportation Committee, but they do not impact the ability to enforce for disability access violations.
  • However, The Council may wish to continue to track the accessibility and enforcement progress of this program.
  • This month, MOD assisted the program with an update to their Shared Spaces accessibility information, which also features the Shared Spaces Accessibility Public Service Announcement featuring the current MDC Co-Chairs.

In recognition of Woman’s History Month and the passing of activist Judy Heumann, a resolution commemorating the old Federal Building Site of the 1977 504 sit-in and protest is expected to be introduced and referred to Land Use Committee. There is no reference number available at the time of this writing.

State Legislation:

The Council may consider monitoring SB 411 and other legislation related to the Brown Act and in-person public body member participation.

CPUC Autonomous Vehicles (AV) Permit approval:  On June 2, 2022 the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) voted to approve a permanent operating permit for Cruise, the first permanent operating permit in the Country. Additional approvals are under consideration.

As a reminder, permission for autonomous vehicles to operate in San Francisco is regulated by the CPUC and the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), not SFMTA. SFMTA and MOD are committed to supporting advocacy for the accessibility of AV’s.

Upcoming public comment is not announced as of this writing. If you are interested in being involved in advocating for continued accessibility of AV’s, please contact MOD.

Transportation Network Company (TNC) legislation (SB 1376): TNC Access for All Act is in pilot implementation phase. MOD, SFMTA and the County Transportation Authority (CTA) continue to be parties to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) comment proceeding, on the recommendation of the Mayor’s Disability Council.

  • The proceedings are ongoing, and are currently focused on on-time and reduced wait time performance (no change since September 2022)

Federal Legislation:

In the Spring 2022 Unified Agenda, the Department of Justice announced that they plan to propose new ADA regulations on the following topics:

Public Comment on these items from Deaf and Disability Community Members is welcomed and strongly encouraged. For updates and notice for when to provide public comment, go to On the bottom right, sign-up for e-mail updates, and participate!

News and Announcements:

  • Department of Environment Reusables Disability Community Focus Groups will take place March 24. This focus group seeks feedback from disability community members on dining reusables like, plates, cups and other items that could become non-disposable only, through local legislation.
  • MOD and Recreation and Parks are currently working with a group of San Francisco Fellows on a Golden Gate Park Wayfinding project. We expect that the Fellows will present to the MDC as part of the April 2023 meeting.
  • 2nd Annual DHR Citywide Career & Resource Fair  to be held on Saturday, April 15th 2023 10-2 in Civic Center Plaza. Participants are encouraged to sign-up in advance.

Agenda Items for future MDC Hearing consideration, action, or resolution:

It is recommended that Council members review all active local disability-impacts legislation first, for time sensitivity. You may also consider:

  • CCSF Digital  Accessibility and Inclusion Standard: This Citywide obligation is active and ongoing, and is expected for the April MDC meeting.
  •  The Council may also consider hearing about the City’s accessible procurement efforts (purchasing and using accessible public technology and equipment).
  • Disability employment updates: Citywide data collection efforts pertaining to employees with disabilities, reasonable accommodation provision for employees, and ASL interpretation support from our colleagues in Department of Human Resources.
  • Autonomous Vehicles in San Francisco and accessibility (see CPUC legislative item above).

Health and Emergency Response and the Disability Community

Review these links for current COVID-19 and MPX (Monkey Pox) resource information.