Businesses with JAM Permits: Read this if you want to continue hosting entertainment after March 2023

You should ACT NOW if you want to transition your business's JAM permit to an outdoor entertainment brick-and-mortar permit. You'll need to apply for a "legislated" or permanent Shared Spaces permit first.
September 10, 2022

Attention Businesses with JAM Permits:
JAM permits and pandemic Shared Spaces permits will expire on March 31, 2023. If you want to continue using your Shared Spaces location and continue hosting outdoor entertainment and/or amplified sound on a regular basis at this location after March 2023, you must do the following:

1. For a sidewalk or parking lane (parklet), submit a new application for the "legislated" Shared Spaces Permit as soon as possible. For private outdoor property, visit for application instructions.

Your pandemic Shared Spaces permit will no longer be valid after March 31, 2023, so you must apply for a new permit if you wish to continue using the Shared Space. Deadline to apply is November 1st, but don’t wait – ACT NOW.

2. If you are approved for the new legislated Shared Spaces permit, and want to continue hosting outdoor entertainment and/or amplified sound at this location, you will need to go through a separate application process with the Entertainment Commission to transition your JAM permit to a permanent outdoor entertainment and/or amplified sound permit. Stand by for follow up messaging from us this Fall with specific next steps.
IMPORTANT:  The Entertainment Commission can only begin approving permit applications for permanent outdoor entertainment and/or amplified sound after your business has obtained approval to continue using the location of your Shared Space. Again, don't wait for the November 1st application deadline. ACT NOW.

Questions about your entertainment permit:
Questions about your Shared Space: