Writing the project summary for a Watershed Stewardship Grant

What to include in the project narrative.

Use the questions below to focus your response. Write in complete sentences. The project description should be 8 pages or fewer. 

Attach photos, maps, and designs or drawings of the project.

Answer these questions.

1. Are you harvesting rainwater?

If yes, download the rainwater harvesting calculator to estimate how much you'll gather. Attach the completed spreadsheet to this application.

Also tell us:

  • Where you'll gather the rainwater from
  • Where you'll store it
  • What you'll use it for
  • Where the rainwater overflow will go when the cistern or barrel is full  

2. Are you creating a stormwater management facility?

Tell us whether you'll be creating a bioretention planter or permeable pavement. 


  • How large the facility will be
  • How large the area draining to the stormwater facility is
  • Where the water will overflow when the green infrastructure is full 

3. Are you removing impervious surfaces?

If yes, tell us:

  • The estimated total square footage you will remove 
  • What you'll replace it with 

4. What are the benefits of your project?

Describe how your project will improve stormwater management on your site or in your watershed. List any other benefits. 

5. Will the public see or access your project? 

Tell us how people will be able to see the project. If they can't see it, tell us how they will be able to access it. Explain how the design benefits the neighborhood. 

6. How will residents participate in the project?

Tell us how the neighborhood will be involved. For example, they could help with any or all of these activities:

  • Planning
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Maintenance

Describe the project team.

Tell us about the people responsible for planning, implementing, and maintaining the project.

Landscape architect or civil engineer

Most projects will need someone to assess stormwater flows and design the project to manage these. This person can be a landscape architect or a civil engineer. 

Simple sidewalk landscaping projects will not need this expertise.

Design requirements

Project components must meet San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) standards and other City and County standards.

We will need to approve Construction Designs (CD) at 30%, 90%, and 100% before construction of large-scale WSG projects. All mid-scale WSG projects must submit updated concept designs for approval by grant administrators before construction.

Last updated May 19, 2022