Small business community resources

Thank you for choosing to locate your business in San Francisco. Here are some community resources and tips to help you in the City.

Nearby businesses

Get to know business owners in your area through the local merchants association or a Community Benefit District (CBD).  Together, you can discuss local issues, collaborate on ideas and activities, and build community.  To find out which merchants association is in your neighborhood, visit

CBDs, also known as Business Improvement Districts, strive to improve the overall quality of life in specific commercial districts and mixed-use neighborhoods through a partnership between the City and local communities. Learn more about CBDs.

    Public safety

    Build a relationship with the Police Captain and officers in your area.  Learn the best way to prevent, raise and address public safety issues.  To learn who your district Police Captain is, visit

    The San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) non-emergency phone# is: 415-553-0123.  

    San Francisco SAFE (Safety Awareness for Everyone) is the non-profit community engagement arm of the SFPD.  SF SAFE provides services such as:

    • Business security assessments - recommendations on how to improve the existing safety and security of the property
    • Customized trainings and presentations - on a variety of topics such as robbery prevention, shoplifting prevention, personal safety, and credit card & check fraud.
    • Business watch - organization of neighborhood watch groups consisting of store owners in an area

    To learn more or work with SF SAFE, visit

    If you need to file a police report, you can do so online at

    Street care and cleanliness

    If you encounter issues related to graffiti, street trees, or cleanliness, please reach out to San Francisco Public Works.  You can report problems or find resources online at or by calling 3-1-1 anytime. You can also download the 311 app ( to report problems to the City.

    Street crisis response

    If you see people experiencing mental health and substance use crises on the streets, call 9-1-1.  Describe what you are seeing to the trained dispatchers who can deploy street crisis response teams with unique expertise to respond to people in crisis and de-escalate disruptions in the community.  To learn more about the Street Crisis Response Teams, visit

    If you see syringes improperly discarded on the street, contact the San Francisco AIDS Foundation's Pick Up Crew for safe collection and disposal, seven days a week from 7:00am to 7:00pm.  You can either text a photo and location to 415-810-1337 or call 3-1-1.  To learn more, visit

    Policy and laws

    Find out who your local representative in government is by visiting Share with them your ideas, issues and feedback on policies and laws that may impact your business, community and the City.

    Chambers of commerce

    A chamber of commerce is a business network that connects its members with ideas, resources, and each other. Additionally, while a chamber of commerce does not create laws and regulations, it does lobby on behalf of businesses to get laws passed that are favorable to its members. In addition to the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce there are a number of other chambers that support business owners who meet certain criteria. This includes:

    Last updated August 9, 2022