Review of Eastern Neighborhoods Grant applications

How we score applications for projects to improve City property.

Review process

Community Challenge Grant Program (CCG) staff review each application to make sure it:

  • Is complete
  • Meets the purpose of CCG funding
  • Meets CCG guidelines

CCG staff send complete applications to the CCG Advisory Committee (CCGAC). The CCGAC scores applications based on the Evaluation Criteria.

The CCGAC makes funding recommendations to the City Administrator who decides final awards. Grant awards may be less than the amount requested in the application. 

Evaluation criteria

Project description

The project description is worth up to 75 points. Here is how we score each section:

  • Design and impacts: Presents a sound, well-researched, and realistic project design. Describes the expected impact of the project. (20 points)
  • Community engagement: Describes why the community needs the project. Demonstrates support and involvement in the project from neighbors and local organizations. (20 points)
  • Racial equity: Presents a clear approach engaging communities of color. (15 points)
  • Capacity: Shows that the group is capable of completing the project on time. Identifies the roles and responsibilities of all organizations involved in the project. (20 points)


The budget is worth up to 15 points. It must be reasonable, well-researched, and realistic for the project design and size. 

Maintenance plan

The maintenance plan is worth up to 10 points. It explains the plan to preserve and maintain the project after it's finished. 

Review panel

The Grant Review Panel includes 5 members who serve for 2 years. The panel evaluates applications based on the evaluation criteria. It also makes recommendations to the City Administrator on funding and program management.

Panel members

Darcy Bender
Jorge Rivas
Ilaria Salvadori
(2) Vacant Seats

Last updated May 19, 2022