Offer Paid Parental Leave benefits to your employees

If you’re an employer with more than 20 employees (across all locations), you must offer paid parental leave. 

To be eligible for paid parental leave, employees need to be getting family leave benefits from the state. They also need to meet other Paid Parental Leave requirements.

Share information with your employees

To keep your workers updated about their parental leave rights: 

How employees request parental leave

Employees can request parental leave benefits by giving you a completed and signed form.

Evaluate their application

Review the Paid Parental Leave requirements to make sure they are eligible.

If you need help deciding, contact us: or call 415-554-4190.

If they are eligible, calculate how much to pay them each week

The calculation depends on how many jobs the employee has and if they get tips. 

To calculate their benefit, follow the instructions in the relevant document below:



If they're not eligible

Explain why they do not qualify for parental leave benefits. Refer them to us if they have questions.

Contact us

Get in touch if you have questions: 415-554-4190 or

Last updated March 17, 2023