How you can support nightlife

Find ways to help the SF nightlife industry during the coronavirus outbreak.

What to do

  • Buy gift cards from businesses that offer them. Buy some for yourself and others to use on future visits.
  • Donate directly to online fundraisers for nightlife businesses and artists or gig workers. Look on the business’s and artist’s web and social media pages to see if they need help. Cash and other life essentials, such as grocery store gift cards, can make a difference.
  • Buy artist or venue merchandise online.
  • Tip generously. Leave tips for online performances and events with a virtual tip jar, take-out and delivery, and online one-on-one sessions.
  • Donate to charities supporting nightlife businesses, artists, and gig workers.
  • Book an artist or worker for a future gig and give them a 50% deposit.
  • Book a party at a venue for a future date.
  • Book a recording studio session, class, or guided tour for a future date.
  • Instead of asking for a refund from a venue or artist, consider holding on to your ticket or asking for a rain check.
  • Pay for a one-on-one virtual session such as a lesson, private concert, or consulting.
  • Extend deadlines or debts for a gig worker.
  • Promote businesses, artists, gig workers through social media posts. You can also write positive reviews and recommend them to others.
Last updated April 20, 2020