Guidance on safer in-home services during the pandemic

You can hire housekeepers or chefs or get in-home maintenance during the coronavirus pandemic.

Housekeepers, chefs, and other services provided inside people’s homes can work. There are different rules for in-home childcare and tutoring

You cannot hire people to come to your home if they cannot stay 6 feet away, like hairstylists or massage therapists.

See guidance about safer social interactions during the pandemic.

Check everyone’s health before the visit

You and your service providers should check their health before the visit. If either of you feels sick, do not have the visit. 

Minimize contact during the visit

If possible, you should either leave your home or go to another room while the service provider is there. Open windows and doors to increase ventilation from outside. 

If possible, provide your own products for the service provider to use. Make sure any shared items are cleaned before and after the visit.

Both you and your service provider should wear face coverings and stay 6 feet apart

See other tips about staying healthy during the coronavirus pandemic.

Official guidance 

See guidance for customers and service providers from the Department of Public Health.

Last updated July 09, 2020