Grants to support watersheds

Funding for green infrastructure projects in neighborhoods and communities.

Watershed Stewardship Grants

Watershed Stewardship Grants (WSG) help fund projects that benefit the City's watersheds and sewer infrastructure.

We've summarized 3 key requirements for funding below. This is a summary and doesn't replace the detailed requirements in the application and contract agreement. 

3 main requirements for applying

1. Your organization is a nonprofit. 

We only give grants to vendor-approved nonprofit organizations with a 501(c)(3) status. The grant contractor must be a City supplier. Get more information on becoming a supplier.  

Local community groups, businesses, or schools applying for a grant must have a nonprofit fiscal sponsor.

2. The project will improve San Francisco's watersheds and sewer infrastructure.

Your project must be in a publicly visible or accessible space. It must do at least one of these:

  • Harvest and use rainwater
  • Remove impervious surfaces
  • Implement green stormwater infrastructure (like rain gardens, permeable pavement, or bioretention planters)  

3. The community will contribute to the project.

The community must match a percentage of the budget you apply for. The match can be in cash, volunteer labor (valued at $25 per hour), donated materials or supplies, or services. 

There are 2 levels of funding with different match requirements.

Budget of $15,000 to $75,000

The contract period may be between 9 and 12 months. You must have a match of at least 35% of the grant value. 

Budget of $75,001 to $150,000

The contract period may be between 12 and 18 months. You must have a match of at least 25% of the grant value. 

Last updated May 19, 2022