Grants to improve City-owned property in Eastern Neighborhoods

What's required to apply for grants.

Eastern Neighborhoods Grants

We've summarized 3 key requirements for funding below. This is a summary and doesn't replace the detailed requirements in the application and contract agreement. 

3 main requirements for applying

1. Your organization is a nonprofit.

We only give grants to vendor-approved nonprofit organizations with a 501(c)(3) status. Local community groups, businesses, or schools applying for a grant must have a nonprofit fiscal sponsor. 

The grant contractor must be a City supplier. Get more information on becoming a supplier.  

2. The project is a capital improvement project in the Eastern Neighborhoods.

Eligible projects will focus on improvements to City-owned property to:

  • Streetscape
  • Public realm
  • Recreation
  • Public open space

Art projects aren't eligible. 

3. The community will contribute to the project.

The community must match at least 35% of the budget you apply for. The match can be in cash, volunteer labor (valued at $25/hr), donated materials or supplies, or services. 

Budget range: $15,000 to $175,000

Contract period: 12 months

Match requirement: 35% of the project budget

    Last updated May 19, 2022