Events during the stay home order

Indoor events and gatherings are not allowed under the current Health Order until further notice. Small outdoor gatherings are allowed; people from different households may come together in a group totaling no more than 12 people for a Special Gathering. 

Learn the rules for outdoor small gatheringsRead the FAQs

If you had an event that was scheduled to occur during the City's shelter-in-place order, and is not allowed to occur under the current Public Health Order:

  • Remove your event's listing on your web pages, and/or update the event listing to say that the event is cancelled and/or postponed for a later date.
  • If you, or your promoters, advertise on multiple web platforms (such as Facebook, Eventbrite), ensure your messaging is consistent across all of your web pages.
  • Confirm that all online promotions and ticket sales have actually ceased.

We recommend taking down the pages for events scheduled during the City's shelter-in-place order. 

Failure to comply with the City’s shelter-in-place order is punishable by fine, imprisonment or both pursuant to San Francisco Administrative Code section 7.17(b) and California Penal Code section 148. California Penal Code section 409.5 also authorizes the City to close down properties constituting a menace to public health and makes it a misdemeanor for any individual to knowingly and willfully enter such properties. In addition to criminal penalties, the owners of the property are also subject to civil penalties, and any costs attributed to efforts by the City to abate the violation, including attorney’s fees.

To ensure that businesses are complying with the current Public Health Order, City officials will be monitoring event listings. Any business that is not in compliance with the Public Health Order is subject to greater enforcement action.
For the most current updates on the City’s orders related to the coronavirus pandemic, please go to the Stay home page.

Last updated June 23, 2020