Safer school reopening

Schools must meet safety standards before they can reopen. After each school has applied to reopen, the Department of Public Health will review each school’s application. This includes a site visit to check their setup.

Each school will reopen separately.

We are currently accepting applications for elementary schools to reopen grades TK to 6.

Middle and high schools may apply to open outdoor classes.

All SFUSD schools plan on continuing distance learning in the fall.

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What to expect when going back to school

Face coverings

All students should wear face coverings while at school. Students in 3rd grade and above may be asked not to attend regular classes if they don’t wear a face covering.

They should bring their own, although the school will have them available if you forget.

Health checks

Check your child every day for possible COVID-19 symptoms that are new. Keep them home if they are sick, or have been exposed to COVID-19. 

You may be asked to fill out a daily health form. Your child may also be checked for symptoms at school. 

You will be asked to sign an acknowledgement of health risks.

Optional COVID-19 tests

If your child is sick, they have to stay at home for at least 10 days. They may be able to come back to school earlier if they feel better and test negative for COVID-19. See more details in the health check handout for parents.

You can get your child tested by calling their doctor. If you do not have a doctor, you can schedule an appointment at one of these test sites.

SF Health Network Call Center

Mission Neighborhood Health Center at 240 Shotwell

Let the school know if your child or anyone in your household tests positive for COVID-19. Your school will keep any health information private.


Stable class groups for contact tracing

Staff will be with the same class for the whole day.  Groups of children will be kept separated during the day.

Older children are expected to be able to keep more distance from their classmates.

If a student in a group tests positive:

Limited contact

Children should bring their own lunch and water. Water fountains may be closed.

Biking, walking, or driving your own children to school are safer options than taking the bus.

You should avoid visiting your child’s school.

Schools must provide their health and safety plan

Each school will have their own plans for:

  • Testing their staff regularly for COVID-19
  • Letting staff and parents know about COVID-19 cases at the school
  • Keeping groups separated
  • Managing student schedules and lockers
  • Ventilation
  • Planning safe activities

Contact your school to see exactly what safety measures they’re using.

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