Get help for nightlife artists and freelancers for COVID-19

Support and suggestions for artists, musicians, freelancers, and other entertainment professionals who are impacted by the coronavirus outbreak

What to do

Apply for financial assistance

The Office of Economic and Workforce Development (OEWD) offers guidance for businesses and employees during the coronavirus outbreak. Get more information for self employed workers.

Other tips for artists and freelancers

  • Launch a crowdfunding campaign and promote to your followers on social media and by email. Ask your followers to share it in their networks. Get tips on crowdfunding from the US Chamber of Commerce.
  • Host your performances or events online. Ask for donations or online tips. Host for free on social media or find a low cost platform. Link these online events to your fundraiser pages. Get advice for holding a successful event from Creative Capital or CMX.
  • Partner with other musicians or creatives to make an online festival.
  • Do online teaching or other virtual consulting services and charge a fee. Host 1-on-1 virtual sessions.
  • Apply for temporary or remote jobs in industries that are currently in high demand, such as grocery stores, food delivery, and online retailers. Get help from OEWD.


Last updated February 26, 2021