Report a violation of San Francisco’s food delivery service requirements

Food delivery services must follow several City requirements when contracting with San Francisco restaurants. Learn about these requirements and how to report a violation.

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1. Check if your restaurant is eligible

A restaurant is protected by San Francisco’s food delivery service requirements if it:

  • Offers, over the Internet, the sale and same-day delivery of food to customers from one or more retail locations within the City; and
  • Does not meet the definition of a “Formula Retail” business

2. Read the rules for third-party delivery services

A third-party delivery service may not:

  • Charge a restaurant a fee, commission, or charge that exceeds 15% of the purchase price of an online order
  • Limit the prices that a restaurant may charge for food or beverages, whether sold through a third-party delivery service or directly from the restaurant
  • Charge a restaurant a fee in connection with a telephone call by a customer that does not result in a food order during the call
  • Provide any services related to processing or delivering orders for a restaurant unless the restaurant has expressly agreed in writing

In addition, a third-party delivery service must:

  • Terminate any contract with a restaurant within 72 hours after the restaurant provides notice of its decision to terminate the contract
  • Maintain records to document its compliance with these requirements for at least three years

3. File a report

If you believe a third-party food delivery service has not followed any of the above requirements in dealing with your restaurant, click the button below to file a report.

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