COVID-19 cases in schools

COVID-19 cases and transmissions in schools.

We investigate and track COVID-19 data in schools to ensure we re-open safely.  

This COVID-19 data is for the entire 2020-2021 school year. We include all COVID-19 cases in San Francisco schools. That includes Transitional Kindergarten through 12th grade.

Cases and transmissions in school

From September 23, 2020 to June 11, 2021, there were 175 cases among 47,615 students or staff. Of these 175 cases, 7 were instances of suspected in-school transmission. In-school transmission means that a student or teacher contracted COVID-19 while at school.

The majority of cases in students or staff are not a result of in-school transmission. Most cases contracted COVID-19 in their family or community outside of school.

San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) began reopening schools on April 12, 2021.

Data notes and sources

Data notes and sources

*We share exact counts of cases, transmissions, and outbreaks when there are at least 5 occurrences. When there are fewer than 5, the exact number will not be shown. This aligns with our data sharing and privacy policies.

This data includes all schools that opened for in-person instruction. This data represents the entire 2020-2021 school year.

Enrollment data was collected from schools using a survey. Schools reported an estimate of students and staff that attended school. This estimate was based on the number of students or staff who were in-person at least one day during the week of May 17, 2021. 

The Learning Hub program is not included. Learn more about Learning Hubs.

The City investigates each case to track the spread of the disease in schools. 

Suspected in-school transmission means that someone is thought to have contracted COVID-19 from another individual at school

A school outbreak meets the following criteria: 

  • At least three probable or confirmed COVID-19 cases within a 14-day period

  • All cases are proven to be related

  • Cases involve more than one small, stable group of students

  • Cases are from different households 

  • Cases are not identified as close contacts of each other in any other case investigation 

  • Cases did not have a clear source of infection from outside the school setting 

Safety is the top priority in schools

All schools that open for in-person learning must follow all public health guidance. This ensures San Francisco schools open as safely as possible. This guidance includes specific procedures on ventilation, face coverings, physical distancing, and more. If anyone at school has symptoms or tests positive for COVID-19, the school must: 

  • Ensure that exposed staff and students quarantine 

  • Alert the City 

The City documents and investigates each case. Learn more on the San Francisco Department of Public Health website.

COVID cases in SF schools