Check your health for City staff

City and County of San Francisco employees who work on-site must check their health every day.

What to do

1. Check your health every day

If you work for the City and County of San Francisco and you leave your home to work, you must check your health every day. 

You will need to enter your name and your DSW number. You will need to tell us your department. You can search by department code or name. 

We will ask you 3 questions about your health and contacts. The questions can get personal, but we only save information about whether you are clear to work on-site. 

We will ask about your new symptoms. Do not include symptoms that could be from something else, like allergies or food poisoning. 

You might need to take your temperature. 

We will ask if you or your close contacts have tested positive for Coronavirus recently.

Checking your health every day makes us all safer and will help to slow the spread of COVID-19.

2. If you need to stay home

Get in touch with your manager to let them know you have to stay home. You will need to keep them informed and work out a plan to return to work.

Find out more about what you need to do if you can't go to work.

3. What happens to your information

After you submit your health check we will send HR confirmation that you are cleared to work, or that you need to stay home.

4. Returning to work

All City and County of San Francisco employees told to stay home must talk to a manager before returning to work on-site. Follow the steps to see if you can return to work.

Who needs to check their health

Volunteers, contractors, and staff who work outside their homes need to check their health every day. 

You do not need to submit a health check if you work from home. 

People visiting City buildings for meetings or deliveries do not need to submit a health check.

Special cases


Screening and self-certification are mandatory. If you don’t check your health, you cannot enter your workplace. And you might face disciplinary action.

Screening is vital to protect all City staff (including you) from possible COVID-19 infection. 

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Checking your health every day makes us all safer and will help to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Get help

Talk to your manager

If you have questions about checking your health or returning to work, talk to your manager. 


Nurse Triage Line

Last updated October 2, 2020