Stay up on cases in SF

COVID is here to stay. Plan ahead to stay safe.

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Stay up to date

  • Get vaccinated and boosted, it prevents serious illness and hospitalization and lowers your risk of getting long Covid.
  • Know how to reach a doctor in case you need medical care
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Stock up on tests

  • Get free tests here
  • Free testing sites 
  • There are also options to receive free test kits through health systems and community organizations
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Keep masks handy when

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Have a plan - Be COVID Ready

Think of being “COVID Ready” like being ready for changes in the weather, or ready for even bigger events like an earthquake or a storm. Be ready ahead of time and have the right supplies on hand when you need them. 



  • Stay up to date on your vaccinations. Need help finding vaccine? Call 628-652-2700 to book an appointment, find a site, or for general questions. You can also email
  • Keep test kits on hand or know where to get tested
  • Have masks handy
  • Learn how to keep your home well ventilated
  • Know how reach a doctor if you get sick 
  • If you have lost insurance during the pandemic, now is the time to re-apply – you may be eligible to join the SF Health Network or Healthy SF 
  • Make a plan to care for a sick child if you must go to work
  • Make a plan in case you or someone you live with gets sick
  • Find out if are high risk for COVID complications and if you are eligible for COVID medicines
  • Go to the hospital or call 911 if you have trouble breathing, chest pain, confusion, you can't stay awake, have pale skin, eyes, lips or nails
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    Stay informed

    Follow COVID news updates and health guidance through reliable and trusted sources

    SF Public Health Department

    California Department of Public Health


    If you test positive

    “If you test positive” by Ashkan Forouzani

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