Apply for help with housing costs in the coronavirus pandemic

Get financial help to pay rent, utilities, or other housing costs if COVID-19 has hurt your finances a lot.

What to do

Households will be selected for this money based on need, how badly the outbreak affected their finances, and how much funding is available.

1. Check to see if you can apply

You must live in San Francisco. Your immigration status does not matter.

You must be at risk of losing your home.

Your household must make under a certain amount. The maximum amount depends on the number of people in your household (including yourself):

  • For 1 person, $89,650
  • For 2 people, $102,500
  • For 3 people, $115,300
  • For 4 people, $128,100
  • For 5 people, $138,350
  • For 6 people, $148,600
  • For 7 people, $158,850
  • For 8 people, $169,100
  • For 9 people, $179,350

You must be able to prove you lost income or have increased expenses because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

3. After you apply

The Give2SF Housing Stabilization Program is currently reviewing applications submitted on or before Wednesday, July 8, 2020. If you applied during that time, you will have received a status notification about your application. If your application was not selected in this round of application review, please do not reapply. Your application will be considered again in future rounds of application review.

Special cases

Other help for housing costs

You can get help to pay for housing or other emergencies from the Season of Sharing Fund.

About the funding

The City's Give2SF Response & Recovery Fund is made possible with thousands of private donations, large and small. The funding will support food, housing, and economic security for the people and small businesses of San Francisco most severely impacted by COVID-19.

Last updated July 30, 2020