Apply for an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) permit

Bring your application form and plans. You must have plans checked and pay fees before you can submit.

What to do

1. Fill out the screening form

Don’t answer any questions you don’t understand. You can ask for help when you submit the Addition of Dwelling Units per Ordinance screening form.

The building owner must complete and sign the owner affidavit in section two of the form.

2. Turn in your screen form

Take your screening form to 1660 Mission, 1st floor, Counter 8. Be sure to attach any supporting documents. If you were required to notify affected tenants, include a copy of the notice.

3. Get your packet of forms

Forms will include:

4. Fill out your forms

Not everyone needs to fill out all forms. Do not fill out anything that you don't understand. You can ask for help at the counters when you submit your forms.

Do not fill out the routing slip, but keep it with you when visiting relevant departments. You will turn it in to the Central Permit Bureau, when turning in the completed forms & filing an application.  

5. Go to the City’s ADU planners

Begin by taking your forms and plans to the City’s ADU planners, located at 1660 Mission Street, on the 5th floor, at Counter 38, for review.

If your plans meet the City’s planning code, the planner will provide you an initial routing slip and tell you where you need to go next. 

The planner will also circle what other departments need to look over your plans and forms. The planner will tell you where you need to go next. 

If your plans do not meet the City’s planning code, the planners will let you know what you need to change in your plans. You may need to revise your plans.

6. Visit the relevant departments on your routing slip

 The agents will look at your plans to see if they are viable. If the agents think your plans are viable, they will accept for intake and initial your routing slip. 

All departments have agents on the either the 1st or 5th floor. You need to sign in with each department individually. You may need to wait to speak to someone.

7. Turn everything in and pay half of estimated permitting fees at the Central Permit Bureau on the 1st floor

When you have all the initials you need on your routing slip,  take your plans and forms to the DBI public counter on the first floor. 

You will need to pay 50% of the permit application fee. The full fee is between 6 and 9% of your construciton costs. You will pay the remaining fee when you get your permit.

Get help

Permit Center

1660 Mission Street, 1st Floor

San Francisco, CA 94103


Public Information Counter, Window 8

Last updated June 11, 2020